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ALEJ - King of Brooklyn | Euphoric
ALEJ - King of Brooklyn | Euphoric

ALEJ – King of Brooklyn | Euphoric

ALEJ, a singer and songwriter born and raised in Miami is known for his unique, box music that features energetic, enriching soundscapes. Seeking inspiration from Troye Sivan and Tailor Swift, he has stepped into the world of storytelling. His songs not only have fresh musicality but are also deeply meaningful and inspiring. 

ALEJ recently released a song called King of Brooklyn, an eccentric, refreshing, jovial number that has so much to offer. The song begins in a great way, dispersing its energy almost immediately and making you want to groove along to its euphoric beat and worthwhile music. The song unfolds rather interestingly as it follows a steady pace but comes with a lot of surprises and turns. You will want to get into the groove of it and really surrender to its bliss because the song is simply charismatic. 

ALEJ makes sure that his vocals add an altogether different layer of charm to the song so that it becomes enjoyable for the listeners but also drives them to be more attentive to what they are listening to. It’s hard not to fall for his vocals. They are unique and nuanced. A lot of mastery is reflected through ALEJ’s work and once you listen to the song, it becomes clear that he is brilliant at what he does. 

This is a refreshing, energetic, soothing song that you shouldn’t miss out on. Amazing lyrics, beautiful soundscapes and gorgeous vocals make this a treat!

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