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Fabio Ferri's Griboyedov Incident
Fabio Ferri's Griboyedov Incident
Fabio Ferri - Griboyedov Incident

Griboyedov Incident, Bristol-Based Fabio Ferri’s Experimental Jazz Album, Is an Experience Worth Cherishing.

If you are a keen listener of music and a lover of exploring the sonic wilderness by nature, Fabio Ferri’s latest album Griboyedov Incident is something you must experience listening to. Based out of Bristol, the United Kingdom, Fabio Ferri is a musician who takes you on a journey through the very depths of sonic beauty. His music keeps you on your toes as it involves a variance of elements that blend and create such a masterpiece as the album Griboyedov Incident. Besides being an experimental jazz musician by himself, Fabio traces his musical influences to flourishing Ukrainian and Russian classical composers during the period of late Romanticism and the mid-20th century. Moreover, the title of this album is also an inspiration from the fifth chapter of Ukrainian writer Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita.

Let us get to know a little something about the album!

Griboyedov Incident, Fabio Ferri’s latest album, involves the use of almost every musical instrument one can think of throughout the tracks. The album consists of nine songs and runs for a duration of approximately forty-five minutes, and you can rest assured that it will be a phase of complete silence and awe in your mind as you cannot help but lose yourself entirely to the trip that it offers.

Fabio’s brilliant sense of composition and extraordinary guitar-playing skills work together to give this album the shape of absolute perfection, not to mention the amazingly gifted musicians who have all taken part in the creation of this masterpiece. Besides the other musicians, Fabio himself contributes to the album as an electric and classical guitar player, a flute player, an arranger, a composer, and the main producer. So it is primarily the brainchild of Fabio that brings you the groundbreaking album, Griboyedov Incident.

Griboyedov Incident is a trip that captivates your mind!

The entire album comprises an abundance of guitar-oriented music where you can find striking influences from the likes of Frank Zappa and his compositional brilliance, as well as Jimi Hendrix, Marc Ribot, and John Scofield, to name a few. Therefore, the mood of the album keeps changing through each song as one might just fire up your mind with hard-hitting musical elements, and the other might as well calm you down to a level where you just silently enjoy the vibe and such swings in mood happen in between the tracks as well.

Overall, it is a treat to a keen set of ears that wish to experience music that is built out of melody and noise alike. So if you are ready to dive into a world of sounds that range from noise to soul-pleasing, haunting, and melancholic melodies along with some highly impactful guitar riffs and lines, then don’t wait any longer and listen to Fabio Ferri’s latest album Griboyedov Incident. You can check out this album here:

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