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“Forgot To Tell Me” – I Panic: Buttery smooth alt rock

“Forgot To Tell Me” is a track by I Panic, a band founded in 1987 by Marcel van Tetering, a Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist. I Panic call the style of music they produce “alternative theatrical rock”, and that might as well be the most accurate moniker I’ve heard just yet for this style of music. With “Forgot To Tell Me”, we take a deeper dive into this style– keep reading for more.

The song, by itself, charms from the first second, with the kind of infectious, go energy it has. This is made possible by the existence of the animated bass riff that plays well in the low tones, with a quick 4-on-the-floor drum beat filling up the rest of the stage till the guitars kick in, in all their tremolo and wah goodness. When the vocals do kick in, we are treated to a refined voice, delivering melodic segments rather smoothly– a quality I came to much appreciate over the course of my listening to this song.

The lyricism is easygoing, with the melody playing great second fiddle (aha, pun) to the rest of the sections, coming together to create something quite zesty, and special. The hooks are filled with subtle instruments in the background, with the vocal sections having a few Easter eggs here and there. While I will let you, the listener, find all of them, one of them is the very low-down voices on exclusively the left channel, almost as if they aren’t there at all; but yes, they exist, and they tickle my ears just right.

Creative decisions while mixing often decide the direction a song ends up portraying versus what it was supposed to, be when it was conceived; and I’m glad to report that the philosophy here is the same on all pages, and all come as one unit I quite enjoyed. Check out “Forgot To Tell Me” by I Panic here!

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