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The Flashpot Moments - Very Far
The Flashpot Moments - Very Far

The Flashpot Moments – Very Far | Balladic Anthems

The Flashpot Moments are an Indie and Anthemic Rock band based in the United States. Their music has the soothing feeling that Rock music brought about during the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. With a sound that is a lot like Kiss, Asia, Cheap Trick, The Gaslight Anthem, Pearl Jam and the likes all wrapped up in one. Their music is absolutely comforting. Their latest album, Very Far, seems to get this down on point. With 10 tracks and a total run time of 33 minutes, each track has its own sound.

This album explores various themes, but the most recurring one has to deal with relationships and navigating them. The Flashpot Moments has an explosive sound that sounds so familiar to my teenage self. The drums are loud, expressive and are not afraid to go for those cymbals and hats. Additionally, the bass is more than just a simple repetitive rhythm. The guitars are given so much freedom to explore the space. Moreover, the vocals are strong, proud and loud and these are all the elements that attracted me to Rock. You find this in tracks like Jealous, Trust U and Fun Is Hard. It feels good to have a band create a sound that I’ve missed so dearly.

You find tracks like Don’t Know It Yet sprinkled in with the slow, ballad-like vibe. Moreover, The Flashpot Moments have captured an art that has nearly been forgotten. Anyone who grew up with this sound is in for a trip down memory lane with this album. Everything from the classic rock elements to the mellow piano and even the futuristic synths that explode. This album has it all. It has everything a Rock fan could possibly want. If that’s what you’re into, I highly rate this album.

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