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THELIXX – Roam | Catchy Phrases

THELIXX, a Pontypridd-based indie pop band, has released their new track “Roam.” The music is quite captivating, and there are moments that absolutely immerse you in a beautiful world. The choppy beginnings provide a percussive introduction that rapidly establishes the rhythm. I found myself nodding my head in tune to the rhythms. We feel perfect comfort in the chorus as a consequence of the unevenness in the verses, and as a result, the chorus sounds highly addicting. The contrast between the portions is wonderfully handled. This also helps to break up the monotony and keep us interested until the very end. We’re actually looking for more of this kind of creative depth in the track, and we kept on anticipating for such fantastic moments.

The production is entirely electronic. The bass lines made a significant impact in the music. The percussive rolls provide an excellent transitioning point. The transitions from one portion to the next are really seamless. The lyrics are kept basic so that we can follow along with the music as it goes. The pad ambience really pulls you up and provides a sense of peacefulness to the track, which is a refreshing change of pace. The beat is well-programmed, and the mix provides the proper amount of clarity for each instrument. The song’s staccato technique is also extremely effectively maintained in the vocal delivery, which helped to keep the feeling going strong. The mood is quite pleasant to the ear, and it would sound wonderful in an arena. 

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