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&seb – I’m Okay | Melodic Funk

&seb has released a new single titled “I’m Okay,” which is a smash sensation. The song has a tremendous amount of the right intensity. The music blends in wonderfully with the forceful and jagged lines. The jazzy interpretation of the song makes you want to dance. The song’s flow takes care of the pulse, keeping us interested until the very last note. The colour of the extended chords is captivating, as are the textures of the music as a whole. The song’s sound design is its heart, and it has a major influence on the mood. As a result, we experience the sensation right away.

The hook is provided by the stutter vocal production element. This one element will undoubtedly stick in our heads and serve as a constant reminder of the song. The melodies and the rhythm are in perfect harmony. The atmosphere is well-balanced, with funky sections and a few shades of dreamy textures. The arrangement isn’t overloaded with extraneous parts, instead focusing on each layer’s distinction and space inside the song. As a result, each layer has the essential clarity while still having the correct character for the layers to sound cohesively together. To put it in simple terms, the song is a blast to listen to and has parts that energise you and make you feel the beats.

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