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Patient Lounge- Vivid Eyes
Patient Lounge- Vivid Eyes
Patient Lounge- Vivid Eyes

Patient Lounge-Vivid Eyes | Regress

This year was very exciting relating to music with the release of Styx’ new album. I thought to myself, man, prog rock doesn’t get better than this, Styx is at their peak with this album. Not only do I regret being incorrect, I punish myself for not knowing Patient Lounge released a bombtrack of a single this year. This is the story about Vivid Eyes.

As critics, we usually pride ourselves on being able to classify a song to a genre before starting, but let’s not do that. Vivid Eyes is an enthralling roller coaster within prog rock & metal, looping through impulsively- giving you the time of your life. With sound influences from Wolfmother & Papa Roach, Patient Lounge is a prog rock experiment, shifting cleverly between time signatures, complicated riffage and what can be a described as the musical equivalent of a stunt driver’s experience.

Their track has panache, rhythm, tight grooves, pockets of space before explosions into verses and I’m just talking about the first 2 minutes. Luckily for you, this song is 7 and a half minutes of band chemistry coming to life. I absolutely devoured the track; I’ve listened to it to about a dozen times and still cannot predict what will happen. A fanatical ride of euphoria. Thunder from down-under.

Zack Eather’s soaring vocals sound like Steven Tyler’s in control. Eric Moors & Lucas Montgomery are laying down a rhythm from heaven. And you just cannot ignore the beast on the drum throne, Nick Keogh-Peel. The real fantastic four.

If you’re sleepy after this track, get yourself checked. If you have 72 hours of uncontainable energy- you resonated with this track, no matter how fun navigating through the time signatures might be. For when someone asks you why you have those crazy eyes, just say you’re lightening up at the patient lounge.

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