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Home In a New York Minute, Barry Muir: Good ol’ country music

When it country music, something about it just brings me comfort– be it the easygoing themes, the familiar twang of the acoustic guitars, or the emphasis on the usually solitary voice singing, all of it takes me to a place of comfort, it takes me… home, if I’d say. “Home In a New York Minute” by Barry Muir manages to accomplish just that, and let’s talk about why.

If there is one thing I could point out about the production of this song, it is that it is excellent, and the experience behind this song shines through in the way it is produced– and it truly is worth the praise; and Barry, having been a part of the music scene for the better part of 40 years, knows his way around an element or two. The composition, as well, is something that I would have expected from a proper studio offering, but this was a very pleasant surprise.

The lyrics, as well, are great. Simple in theme, like a lot of country music, but executed masterfully to create a singing magnet, that people are bound to stick to– all while being very in control, and not letting the dynamics of the voices or the instrument rule the stage of the song, is hard to accomplish, and I’m glad that has been achieved here.

The mix and master, are where this song takes the 10 it already is to an 11. The mix is crystal clear, with all the elements standing out as coherent, and all the instruments sound exactly like they’re supposed to. I was beyond impressed with the quality of the master in this song.

To wrap it up, “Home In A New York Minute” by Barry Muir takes the tried-and-tested recipe of country music, and gives it his own spin, and executes it masterfully. I loved listening to it! Check out the song here:

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