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The Pink Nostalgia – Radio Silence | Addictive

The Pink Nostalgia, an act from Hertfordshire, UK, has released a new song called ‘Radio Silence‘.  Joseph James’ indie-electronic solo project, The Pink Nostalgia, has mesmerised us with his latest composition. The noises are truly incredible to hear. Every layer blends in so well with the others, which is just amazing. The songwriting is laden with so much emotion that each of us can identify with. His self-reflection would undoubtedly elicit feelings that I am sure we all experience. There are gaps between each stanza, which are again masterfully bridged with such tempting music pieces that run on repeat in our heads until the portion occurs again, and we find ourselves completely involved.

We hear a lot of silences in the productions, which fits the song’s concept perfectly. The vocal is processed again in such a way that it gives the texture a distinctness that fits in well with the atmosphere. The vocal delivery is likewise excellent, with the appropriate dynamics for a greater emotional effect. The saxophone solo is integrated masterfully between the lines and is really breathtaking to listen to. The beat has a firmness to it, yet the tones are pleasing enough to complement the song’s atmosphere. The tones are also really well thought out, which helps to create an intriguing sonic space. I’m sure the enticing tone of the piano would be the first to get everyone’s attention, and as the song progressed, we start to enjoy the mood.

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