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Escape Ring-Winning the War
Escape Ring-Winning the War
Escape Ring-Winning the War

Escape Ring-Winning the War | Take Charge

I would be a massive roadie for Escape Ring, under circumstances. Channeling several beautiful sounds from classic rock and amalgamating it neatly, the songs are an upbeat disposition. Winning the War is the latest single, and it’s a gem from a different time.

Repurposing the lost sound of Tom Petty and the custodians of the Valley’s sound, Escape Ring manages to add their own energy. The REO style of composing the track with memorable hooks is a royal flush for a card draw. Condensing several instruments of different registers, they get a massive sound that can rock any stadium. And yes, their sound will be a thing to witness in stadiums. Some just have that captivating aura that transcends spaces.

Winning the War is a track that also employs some sweet sax into a rock song. When Angus did it for It’s A Long Way…, people thought it would be ridiculous. It kicked asses across the room. Escape Ring have the right idea integrating instruments you rarely hear into their stadium chant songs. Listen to their other track from earlier this year, All the Way if you want to enjoy that tight groove with intense, energetic vibes you cherish.

Listen to Escape Ring’s Winning the War to get that edge:

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