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Lorsay-Spring Fever
Lorsay-Spring Fever
Lorsay-Spring Fever

Lorsay brings their trip-hop style to the latest album, “Spring Fever”

Lorsay shows you that music isn’t just at the surface. It is a complex kaleidoscope of layers, instances that just fit. Post their 2021 album, there is a lot to wait with bated breath for with this musician. Their newest release Spring Fever promises to be a thematic dive into arrangements that will redefine trip-hop and pop.

The opening riff of Restart is something that will ignite an action spark in you. Similar to New Noise by Refused, the single note becomes an exemplary source of percussion as well. By the time the vocals come in, you feel like you’re in an alternate NIN kind of hemisphere. An industrial edge remains on the elements as well. 

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Brutes slows the pace to create a whole new canvas. The receded percussion shows you vocals with a different colour. Layering & Lorsay are synonymous, a confluence of styles and tones. The tones and lyrics bleed into each other in the verse section. If you enjoy the tailored brilliance of that single, Invasion turns the dial darker. It has the soul of a dark pop song, however there is more in the mix that breaks out moment by moment. The chorus is a hard hitter, packing the punches for the song. This “silence before the explosion trigger” is a technique Lorsay is great at. 

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The penultimate track might sound straightforward when it opens. I Try To Remember is their fusion of a drawn out style that contains the song within seconds. It is interesting to see when the layers come in, and invite a certain nuance to the style. One of the best composed songs-lyrics and exploration wise. The Venn Diagram would make this promising artist proud. 

Running on That Ill has a disco alter-scape that takes you to the portal. Like an EDM track, the beats and instrumental parts are part of a synthwave implosion. Contrasts are in the vocals, where the softer edge makes you zoom in on it. There are precise cuts from the verse to the chorus, leading to a more accurate depiction of sound and Lorsay’s incredulous technique. With a digital toolbox that could be used in any which way, they try to build each song, creating a mural of melodies unlike any other.

You could listen to singles like Lockdown and Slow as well from this expressive artists. There is a lot to understand and contemplate within this signature ability of this performer. Listen to and follow for more music like this!:

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