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De Antiquis Et Novis – Calm | Hypnotic

Matthias Schorer, alias De Antiquis Et Novis, is a Munich-based artist who was fascinated by the deep cosmology of spacetime. Musical adventures of De Antiquis Et Novis represents intangible glitchy electronica as he seeks to show illusionary atmospheres for his fans to lose themselves in. As the listener uncovers tranquilly, they are also left with a sense of longing, which is what Schorer is intending for – a sense of desiring for something you know you will never accomplish. His music is a place to get away to, where reality has no bearing on your day-to-day life and nothing matters except the present moment.

A warm and bright track oozing with carefree summertime vibes, ‘Calm’ is a perfect escape from the icy winter months. It’s chill enough to help you relax while still having some energy to keep you moving. The track begins with a groovy bassline that quickly builds into a full-bodied soundscape of lush guitars and atmospheric synths. The song reaches its slows down after the climax, leaving on a trance you can’t get over.This song can transport you to a very special place. A place where time stands still, where there are no worries or cares in the world, and all you want to do is just be present at this moment. It helps you get lost in your thoughts and enjoy the beautiful sounds around you. Mellow vocals flows on top of soft guitar chords along with dreamy synth lines, ensuring to make anyone smile! With its trancey rhythmic patterns ‘Calm‘ casts a spell that’s hard to shake.

Enjoy listening to ‘Calm’ here.

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