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Marshal Herridge - A Day Too Late
Marshal Herridge - A Day Too Late

Marshal Herridge – A Day Too Late | Jazz for Time Travel

Marshal Herridge is a Vancouver born jazz bassist residing in New York. Having played with pre-eminent jazz musicians like Anthony Wonsey, Billy Drewes, Andre White, Kirk MacDonald, and others, Herridge is lauded for his jazz compositions. His debut album, Chapter One, released in 2019 pays homage to his heroes Scott LaFaro and Paul Chambers. A Day Too Late is Marshal Herridge’s latest release that features the charming vocals of Caity Gyorgy and jazzy bliss.

The song has a quaint charm to it, reminding the listener of rainy New York days and the profound melancholy that comes with it. The jazz melodies jive and shuffle through the song. Herridge uses a riveting acoustic guitar, punctuated with pulses of piano melodies and the whimsy of swing jazz beats. We also see flute melodies that flowers soft emotions on the musical canvass of the song.

Gyorgy’s timeless vocals transports you back to culture of swing jazz and jazz hop bars. With a homophonic voice texture, the artist conveys a sweet and delicious nostalgia. Her vocals conjure up an image of a beautiful bar singer with an elaborate dress and decorative hair.

You cannot stop moving as you listen to the song. The compelling rhythm persuades you to keep up with its beat grooves. The rhythm is characterized by a solid beat with a strong dance groove. Herridge’s skill can be seen in his portrayal of complex emotions by using simple, smooth and easy going melodies and vocals. Reminiscent of the musical compositions in La La Land, the song infuses you with an old-time charm that stays with you.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Listen to A Day Too Late by Marshal Herridge here –

Marshal Herridge – A Day Too Late

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