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Hifidriveby redefine indie rock tones with their album, “Melomaniac”

Musicians are storytellers, whether they think it or not. Hifidriveby has an essence in taking you through their stories. Being a band for so long, they are constantly becoming relevant with their compositions. They also make sure they keep plenty of glitter from the old-school years.This is their latest album, Melomaniac.

Within an indie rock sound, you might not expect them to vibrantly explore. That is exactly what they do. Melomaniac is someone who loves music, and they love making it as well. The Old Ways opens this album and shows us that a simple melody can belong to you. The vocals have the ease of a song-along that you’d like to be a part of. Heavy Crown has a little more punch in their tone. It’s like having a sip of cranberry juice and feeling the spike. The vocal delivery style is consistently something that makes this song their own. You can instantly get hooked to the groove as well.

Waiting To Wait might feel in a way, a fusion between Radiohead and R.E.M. It is a wondrous sound, makes you want to peel back all the layers. There is so much ease in how you can connect to the flying melodies. Your Boyfriend feels like a lovely rock ballad. An addictive riff controls the song, ironing out this crisp musical magic. Hifidriveby continue a long-drive music tone with their song In the Car. The tone in the guitar distortion is perfect, carrying the melody, while you sing along. Ease the Pain has a melancholy undertone to it. Using the guitar reverb, it accentuates the emotion, crafting a short but sweet, poetic track.

Let’s tone it up

Cease to Exist might sound by groove like a Cornell composition. It is a unique chord change, that opens the textural gallery. Hifidriveby know that they are telling you a tale, so they keep each chapter a different study in style. Something in the Water kicks off a classic rock styled beat. You could just nod your way through these compositions, that is how fun it is to listen. The bassline controls the verse section, a puppet master that is grooving along to the song. The distortion in the vocals is also something that begs for the listener to focus more. 

The opus might be the closer. Resolutions is a beautiful epic for many experiences within a song. First, the tonal clarity you get with the riff. Then the style of execution. The production superiority is concretized by now, getting every little ghost note right as well. They have spectacular tracks like Profundity of a Rhyme, Samurai and others that you can find on their Spotify. Makes sure you follow them for more stellar, superb music!

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