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James Spencer-My Hand & My Heart
James Spencer-My Hand & My Heart
James Spencer-My Hand & My Heart

James Spencer shows us true love in essence with his single, “My Hand & My Heart.”

James Spencer has a heart of gold and voice of a wandering angel. Through his experiences, he chooses to tell tales of life, love and loss-while enjoying the dynamics they bring. With a successful debut album and the long awaited second Lucky Man, he is back with another single. This one is called My Hand & My Heart. 

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His styles tend to vary according to the texture of his poetry. In this song, he is vulnerable, bare and just wants to witness this beauty up close. From the actions to the love-the words poetically describe the whole dedication of a man to a person. His raw takes on the lyrics, well crafted moments of writing and crisp instrumental recordings make it a treat to listen to him. Compare it with a song like The Winds of Change, James Spencer describes with the strength of prose the rich imagery that surrounds him. It is stellar writing by an artist who can translate emotions into melodies and words, woven carefully. 

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The instrumentals break in between are the refreshing salty ocean breeze you’d like, changing the pace and temperature of the song. It is a reminder of bands like Mumford and Sons, while still having James Spencer in his element. His 2019 album Shine the Light is worth listening to for a steady stream of these lessons and experiences. He is a gifted storyteller, and Lucky Man will prove to be one of his best. Listen to the single here with us, and follow him for more music like this!:

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