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Beatdenker - Ethic Endless Fun
Beatdenker - Ethic Endless Fun

Beatdenker – Ethic Endless Fun

Beatdenker is a meta artist with a specialization in post-modern IDM. His art is a wormhole to a post-contemporary era of music with its unprecedented sound design and abstract arrangements. The Berlin-based jazz musician and producer who is all about the avant-garde. His work carves out a sonic utopia guided by remarkable rhythm languages and prophetic creativity. Beatdenker has just dropped his brand new album, Ethic Endless Fun where he showcases the essence of creativity with cerebral electronica. 

The ten-track album is a fluid conversational piece. With each song dedicated to an over-specific tag line, the artist fleshes out astronomical and frozen themes that evoke Vonnegutian imagery and aesthetic. And its scintillating swerves of electronica are as enigmatic as black holes. 

Hello, This Is The Ethic Endless Fun Album opens the album. Its angular basslines, discombobulated rhythm design and spotting jazz piano melodies is straight out of the fourth dimension. The hyper-activity and sonic themes set the stage for what is to come. It slices through the fabric of normalcy and overwrites it with new rules. Do I Also Need A Name Now, Haha sardonically uses a rhythm made of dots and dashes. The cryptic message is delivered by an erratic bassline and a series of beeps.

No, You Will Get An Ice Cream Today is a shiny sonic vibration. Its glassy tones are smoother and more forthcoming. The overt sounds and their playful arrangements are perhaps indicative of the joy associated with its title. And A Frozen Margarita For Me Please follows with long rod melodies that are displaced by booming basslines. It has cooler sound pallets that the beats carve icicles out of. 

I Go Sliding With My Favourite Penguins marks the middle point of the album. With prominent soft jazz spaces within darting scruffs of basslines and sticky beats, the song is lively. Yeah, Do Cool’n’ fun Stuff, Just Stay Ethical distills pure and free-falling sonics through a metallic bassline fabric. Swiping synths accentuate the ancillary spaces as the beats loop into a circular frame. 

But Can I Play With The Robots Again? intensifies the metallic textures from the previous track. The disjointed arrangement give the melodies a robotic abruptness to bring out the theme. Hey Mum, I Do A Little Space Trip, Be Back By 3PM is the next track. It has an animated quality to it as the artist uses vintage sonics to recreate the experience of space adventure. Ok, I’ll Check The Time Machine And Some More Beats has high frequency beat arrangements. The techno beats and metallic slaps point are orchestrated to recreate an experience through the Time Machine. 

Don’t Worry, The Next Album Will Be Out Soon concludes the album with Indian tabla percussion and cruising sonics. The artist is made versatile by his knowledge of beat music, jazz, Carnatic music, new music, IDM, and electronica. He fuses them to create high end futuristic sci-fi experiences that are sure to open the mind. 

The artist released his debut album, Too Tall To Dance, in 2021. Using high funk and spirited beats, he created visceral experiences that engage the mind, body, and spirit. As a thinker, creator and idealist, Beatdenker builds music that immortalizes the multiworlds that form in his mind. He’s ever-seeking, ever-changing, and ever-creating. The artist has played at several notable festivals across Europe including, Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, SampleMusicFestival, Berlin, JazzFestival Liepzig, etc. 

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