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Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Better Man
Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Better Man

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps – Better Man | Profound

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps is the solo project of Tom Tikka, who began his musical journey at age 6. With a keen interest in music, Tom secured his first solo deal with Finnish indie label, Olarin Musiikki. To his demise, the EP didn’t see much airtime as it vanished as quickly as it released. He moved on after some time with his cousin to develop Carmen Greys, his songwriting group. After the ordeal that resulted in Tom Tikka working on his solo material, The Missing Hubcaps was born. His album, Better Man is a 10-track, 37-minute-long journey through his psyche.

Kicking off the album is Hello Loneliness, a track that seems to carry that Britpop style that Oasis are most famous for. Simultaneously, I can’t seem to shake how much this song represents the 90s sound. The music is emotion-heavy, with leading melodies and intuitive counter-melodies to craft a sonic journey. Moreover, Tom Tikka creates such a mellifluous sound that utilises his lead vocals and harmonies so brilliantly. Similarly, I’m Done With Blues, you find a track that is extremely self-aware. Additionally, Tom finds himself in transitioning points with each of these tracks. He finds ways to improve his life by making decisions that service his well-being.

The Holy Grail of Truth focuses on profound truths. Moreover, the track seems to go off the rails a bit with the Tom Tikka sound. It features darker tones with a sense of surety. It would seem that he features acquiesce while also trying his best to stay true to himself. This track features an Emo Pop sound that I find extremely appealing. Ain’t Life A Bitch has a similar vibe, except it’s definitely more upbeat. This track seems to capture Tom’s profane side with such glamour. Moreover, Tom seems to create a track that can really get you going, with an Americanesque Rock sound. However, I would be amiss to leave out how seamlessly Tom Tikka pulls this track off.

By 2022, seems like Tom’s time capsule song. While the song seems like it reflects on itself, it also feels like this is Tom’s way of introspecting as well. While he creates this track, he also makes it enjoyable for anyone who wants to listen to it. It sounds a whole lot like Right Said Fred and has a similar calmness to the tones. However, Tom Tikka seems to capture an immense spectrum of tones and emotions to go through during this whole song. Snakebites has a rather similar tone. Almost as if it continues By 2022. These two tracks are uplifting, wholesome tracks that have the exact same vibe.

I’ve Got My Mind Set on Leaving You is a gritty track with a load of passion. It feels like this is the track that really sets the theme for the album. It holds the most passion and emotion on the entire album. Moreover, it creates a whole load of feelings and emotions to channel your own energy into. He does something similar in his final track, Here Comes the Fun. This track has a more orchestral feel to it, though. It feels like the most whole track on the album as if Tom Tikka has undergone a metamorphosis of his own.

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