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The Wrong Signals - Thoughts/Patterns
The Wrong Signals - Thoughts/Patterns

The Wrong Signals – Thoughts/Patterns | Mentally Soothing

The Wrong Signals is an Indie Rock/Pop trio based in Manchester, United Kingdom. They draw influence from the 80s and 90s Indie scene and often write music about the human experience. The concept began when the lead singer and guitarist Dave Cross overcame a rough period in his life. He then met bassist and backing vocalist Rob Boardman and after years of searching found drummer and backing vocalist, Mark Shilton. The trio had really found their sound together and so the band came to fruition. They just released their latest EP, Thoughts/Patterns. With four tracks and a total run-time of 14 minutes, the EP explores these feelings.

The EP begins on Near Death Experience, a song that, honestly, feels like you’ve come back from one. The revelations feel so genuine and authentic that they couldn’t be made up. The band really works into a dark space that expresses a lot more than you’d think. Moreover, The Wrong Signals figures out a way to express it temporally as well as melodically. The song doesn’t restrict itself to voluminous dynamics but also uses rhythmic dynamics to create a really cool effect. I thoroughly enjoyed this track with every single beat and every single note hit. It’s, certainly, a great intro to the EP.

Moving on toIn The Room, we have a slight variant of the first song. I really enjoy Dave Cross’ voice and how it cuts through the mix so well. The drums are perfect and keep the rhythm flowing well while the bass gives the song a groove to follow on. Moreover, the lead guitar seems to play a rhythmic role that is also a lead in itself. I enjoy how there is no one leading element in the song, but everything plays off of each other with such grace. This song really shows me the Weezer influence that the band claims. It reminds me of the Pinkerton days.

Is This My Reality? has a different sound. The atmosphere feels a lot less edgy. It has a calmer effect that is accentuated by the guitar. Additionally, this song has the Pop Punk feeling that you look for in an Indie Pop Rock group. The guitar has much more of a leading role here while the drums also lead the song in a way, giving the rest of the instruments a rhythm to follow. The lyrics are so true and genuine to The Wrong Side and its sound. Moreover, they sound like something Rivers Cuomo himself would write about. I’m in complete awe of these three lads from Manchester.

The final track on the EP, The Wrong Signals, is a track that perfectly captures who the band is. It takes me back to the Alternative 80s & 90s scene that you’d probably hear in Joy Division or The Smiths. Moreover, the band really gets that angst and calmness balance down right. I can’t tell you how much I love hearing these lads. If you’re into any of the bands I mentioned earlier, then these guys would be perfect for you.

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