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BIG MOUF’BO – Forever Loyal | Drill

It was a massive inflection point in the story of rap when we went from the conventional four-on-the-floor to the more experimental genres like drill, trap rap, and so on. When it comes to drill, I reserve the opinion that it is a powerful style of rapping, and when done well, can work magic on the ears of the listener. “Forever Loyal” is one such track by Big Mouf’Bo, and I will be talking about my take on the song over the course of this review.

The first aspect that I listen for in drill is the instrumentation and the percussion, as they are what set the stage for the rapper to deliver lines and flow well. In the case of this song, I felt that the instrumentation complemented the flow of the rapper really well, especially with the processed pianos and the rest of the ensemble in the background creating smooth yet powerful harmonies that I really vibed with. The vocals as well, suit the style and the mood that this track aims to create, taking on a sweeter, smoothly delivered style throughout the runtime of this song.

It feels like there is an actual story being told rather than the rapper concentrating on just their rhyming scheme and syllables and all other technicalities, and that is something that I consider to be one of the harder echelons to achieve in rap. “Forever Loyal” hits it on the mark from the get-go, and I really liked that.

The mix is great, if not a little bright; but in the grander scheme of things, it manages to keep all the instruments and elements sounding in unison, and I will say that I found the mix to be overall pleasing to the ear; further driving my point home that the mix is equally critical a component as everything else when it comes to a track. No complaints here.

With “Forever Loyal”, Big Mouf’Bo comes at us with myriad good things that all come together to create the enjoyable listen that it is. Check out “Forever Loyal” here!

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