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“Love Highway”, by Proklaim: Upbeat hip-hop, powerful messages

Proklaim is an MC originally from Uganda but grew up in Zambia and is currently residing in Namibia. He is deeply dedicated to using hip-hop music as a means to exalt and honour the name of God, striving for nothing less than excellence and unwavering passion in his pursuit. In his latest single, “Love Highway”, he puts out a message of love and positivity. Keep reading for my thoughts!

True to Proklaim fashion, the production is varied and has a high focus on a good instrumental to lay down the foundation for the song. This is true here, on “Love Highway”– with a lot of fun synths making up the melodic base of the song, and that is coupled with the electronic percussion at play, that together come to support the rich, layered vocals really well.

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Love Highway is a hip-hop-infused track at the end of the day, and the rhyming and the flows that Proklaim uses throughout the song serve as a gentle reminder of that very fact. The rhymes are tight, and compound, with great flow and panache in the verses, that makes my head start bobbing to the rhythm in joy, deeply impressed. The message, as well, deserves appreciation for its themes of positivity and encouragement, pushing for listeners to really take charge of their lives and go out and do what really matters to them– and I appreciate the sentiment deeply.

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The mixing and mastering of this track are powerful and focused with a still-expansive soundstage, and with power in all the right places– the low-end stays firmly between the eyes, while the rich harmonic layers soothe the very farthest ends of the spectrum. Overall, I would say that this mix is clinical in nature in its precision, and that is what the track demanded, and that is delivered rather beautifully here.

Overall, “Love Highway” is a great track that definitely deserves a listen this week. Check out the song here!

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