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Saint Pacific releases a rock number ‘Blue’
Saint Pacific releases a rock number ‘Blue’

Saint Pacific releases a rock number ‘Blue’

Saint Pacific is an iconic indie rock undertaking that is meant to explore music in a unique manner. Saint Pacific recently released an album called ‘Blue’, which features a song with the same name.

The song is a refreshing take on retro rock and good ol’ music that is simple and yet intriguing. With masterful rock motifs, the song is about the depths and intensities of not just one’s emotions but also one’s experiences. And these intricate things are portrayed perfectly by the rich soulful music that makes you go awestruck in no time. The moment the song starts, you realise it is not a simple affair. The soundscapes are profound and deep and take you on a rollercoaster of a ride. With simple yet amazingly crafted sounds, there is so much for you to explore and delve into. You wouldn’t want to listen to this song with diverted attention. You should listen to this song with all your heart and spirit so that you can really fall in love with its brilliance. Only when you listen to this song a few times do you realise what brilliance it has to offer?

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The vocals are mellow and laid back and offer a perfect setting for the music to unfurl into. You would love how the vocals add a perfect layer of sophistication to the track making it more mysterious and masterful. 

You shouldn’t miss out on this laid-back rock number that will surely oomph up your day and make you feel comforted in the best way possible!

Listen to this song right here: 

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