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Charlie Freeman - Love
Charlie Freeman - Love

Charlie Freeman – Love | Emotional Rollercoaster

From Portobello, London, Charlie Freeman is a singer-songwriter with soul. His music constitutes heartfelt, catchy, melodic tunes about truth, love, freedom and connection. The absolute legend dropped his latest album, Love last year. It features 11 tracks and has a run time of roughly 35 minutes. The album explores every aspect of love including the good, the bad and the absolute worst parts of it.

When we talk about love, most people just think about the typical love you have for a partner, but Freedom is all about the love for freedom. The Americana track feels like the most independent and free thing to exist. I feel like every part of this track just makes you want to hop in a pickup truck and drive down the countryside. Freedom is then followed by London Nights which has great contrast. The track suddenly feels more city-like, almost exploring the nightlife that you can only experience in London. London Nights sounds like a potential Britpop anthem. I would not be surprised to hear some London football clubs playing this at the stadiums.

Maybe It’s Me takes things down a bit. It explores the more negative side of relationships. Moreover, it deals with insecurities — specifically the overwhelming feeling of feeling like you’ve messed things up. However, you find some solace in the song when you understand the gaslighting and know that it isn’t your fault. The instrumental complements this feeling so well. You can really feel the emotion in each element. Get Me Started has a more Electronica feeling to it. It is, most certainly, a different vibe. However, the instrumental and overarching sound stays true to Charlie Freeman as an artist.

Let There Be Love is perhaps one of the more idealistic tracks on the album. It also, somehow, epitomises the whole album. Charlie Freeman has the uncanny ability to craft a sound that works around and surrounds him. While each instrument stands out on its own, Charlie’s vocals are absolutely sublime. Additionally, his vocals kind of guide the rest of the instruments. Similarly, in Superman, although we start off on a rather intense drum groove, Charlie’s vocals are the most prominent feature. It is a brilliant skill to be able to command the instrumental’s attention.

Holding On explores the features of a relationship that is currently going through trials, but keeps the faith. It reinstills the idea that love is worth waiting for. This is the kind of track you’d probably be playing to get through your day. It helps you visualise what things will be like when you finally get to be with that special person. The music is extremely comforting and soothing.

When we get towards the end of the album, specifically Sorry, Charlie Freeman dives into the heart-wrenching parts. This track in particular is one of the sadder tracks I’ve heard in a while. Charlie really captures the essence of heartbreak with this track. The instrumental seems saddened, almost as if it reacts to the vocal work. I love the countermelodies and harmonies in this track the most. Additionally, the choral elements are absolutely incredible.

This entire album is a masterpiece from start to finish. The journey that it takes you on is simply, too real. I am filled with so many emotions but primarily hope that everything will be okay. Charlie Freeman has a way with words unlike any other right now.

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