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Swivvel - Prose
Swivvel - Prose

Swivvel – Prose | Idealistic Dreams

Swivvel is a four-piece band that was formed in Miami. The band consists of Mark, Jonathan, Jean and Nestor. The lads found their way to each other when they discovered that they all enjoyed the same Baskin-Robbins flavour. Following this, they discovered their passion for music and the quartet hasn’t looked back since. With a discography that contains four singles just now, Swivvel is making its way up the musical ladder. They describe their music as Indie-Rock with a bit of Mathy-Emo.

Prose, their latest release, is such a light, synthy track. The instrumental is perfect. It, additionally, reminds me of groups like The 1975, Turnover and Pond. The synths really stand out, adding these light streaks and smooth textures to the track. The guitar work feels like a warm choral-driven effect that adds these sharp features to it. The rhythm section does such a brilliant job with the hard-hit drums and the groovy basslines. But the vocal work just does it for me. The vocals are simply unreal. They just seem to transport me and, hopefully, others to a world where everything is okay. The melodies and countermelodies are intricately entwined to craft a song that speaks to the soul. Moreover, every element in Prose fits perfectly into the mix as well as the temporal aspect of the track.

Swivvel is definitely a band you want to keep an eye out for. Their music is on par with some of the more well-known names out there. While their discography is still relatively small, there’s plenty of music still to come and wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the first few people to hear it?

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