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Ti​è​gnouma K​ê​baw-We Are Together
Ti​è​gnouma K​ê​baw-We Are Together
Ti​è​gnouma K​ê​baw-We Are Together

Ti​è​gnouma K​ê​baw-We Are Together | A visit elsewhere

Ti​è​gnouma K​ê​baw is a trio of unique musicians. It is a project made up of 3 musicians, including the leader and calabash player Moise Sagara, a professor of drums and percussion at the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in Bamako. On Djelli N’goni and Taman, Fode Kouyate, a griot from a famous griot tradition in Mali and on Kora, Boua Diabate, son of Fimani. What you hear is traditional Malian music, with a bridge from John Graham Meade, a banjo player, that united them all. This is their album, We Are Together.

Inspired by life and togetherness, what you hear is rooted in tradition. Opening with Da Monzon (Warrior King), they blend in some jazz elements in their mix. Each song creates a unique texture and palette that you would never hear in a lifetime. This is a documentation of a lost art, if anything. Icy Mountain brings a groove in heavy, with the instruments dancing in unison. It is an incredible track, Dan Sôgô (Hunter’s Song) coming next. It is a reflection and good look into what a self-sustained culture that breathes and forms tradition sounds like. 

A wrinkle in time

You might hear a portal opening into an ethereal world with Sabali (Tolerance). There is a grace and levity in their music that dissipates into your soul. It is unlike anything I’ve heard before. Laban Ko and Kélé Agni experiment different rhythm sections. Their transpiring are like miracles, not adhering to any traditional rules, just an organic formation of melodies. It still alternates between time signatures like jazz, though changing the meaning of what you might think signatures are. 

Ti​è​gnouma K​ê​baw create music that is a preserved capsule of time, and it is to be enjoyed this way. Listen only if you love exploring music, for you are to be transported to another time, another place. This is their album:

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