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Martin Smith-Dancing In the Fire
Martin Smith-Dancing In the Fire
Martin Smith-Dancing In the Fire

Martin Smith-Dancing In the Fire | Motley

Instead of listening to those relentless club anthems that all sound the same, shift to something that cuts out all the noise. I’m talking about Martin Smith’s new single, Dancing In the Fire. With the zeal to make you dance and the fury to make you rock, this is an amalgam you won’t regret experiencing.

Opening with a Mark Ronson style funk dance sequence, Martin Smith changes gears with live instruments pulsating right from the first few moments. The synths are a supporting act for the guitars, adding great mass and volume to Smith’s lyrics and somber vocals. That is, till he gets to the chorus. A pumping jive, it is almost impossible to not have this whoop stuck in your head. The industrial heaviness of rock is heard, from NIN to the dance anthem styles of old Panic!, Martin Smith vows to change the atmosphere of the Church, and he is undoubtedly doing so.

Testing your faith might not be that easy. Because of the nature of this addictive melody that Martin Smith has written, its important to know his musical journey, the tracks that he originated from. To no surprise, Exalt from 2020 is a phenomenal album with echoing synth soundscapes and motivational lyrics. Changing like the tides but keeping the solid message the same, Smith continues to impress with his latest venture.

Imbibe the explosive energy of his dance/rock track, Dancing In the Fire:

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