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Chi - Alisha Kruger
Chi - Alisha Kruger

Alicia Kruger – Chi

“Chi” is London-based artist, AIisha Kruger’s third single out on Spotify. Her previous tracks, tilted “Summertime” and “Crush”, were well received, but I like the name of this one the best!

What does it sound like?

A dark and low-end dominant sample kicks off “Chi”. Imagine an underground hip-hop club in London, post midnight with bad girls free-styling, Alisha would kill it there! Instantly, the texture of her vocals draw you in and the trippy lyrics are also a plus point here.

Not too over-produced, this track consists of a deep bass, familiar hip-hop beats and is vocal dominant (especially in the second half). Some soul-stirring harmonies in the back might make you think Alisha’s on something. The gloominess of the sample being looped, fits in so damn well with her voice, I’m a fan!

Alisha talks about her own personality and doesn’t want anyone to “step” on her chi. The melody line in the verses are great, parts of it sound like Sia’s part in LSD’s “Genius”, though it’s a completely different vibe.

All in all, I feel like Alisha should put out some more music, maybe an EP or and album, that could say a story that the listeners could relate to better. “Chi”, is a step into her world, and even this small peek makes you think about how much more there is to hear from her space.

Give “Chi”, by Alisha Kruger a listen on Spotify!

Alisha Kruger’s latest single on Spotify.

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