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R. F. Coleman – I Couldn't Trust
R. F. Coleman – I Couldn't Trust

R. F. Coleman – I Couldn’t Trust | Zesty Number

Australian musician and artist R. F. Coleman has come up with a quirky and catchy indie pop debut single that catches the attention, I Couldn’t Trust. R.F. Coleman is a writer for the New York Times and Guardian. On five continents, he has shot photos for Canon and created short films that have won awards. So this is not his debut as an artist but as a musician. The song is co-written with Joshua Moriarty of the bands Miami Horror and Telenova. Scott Horscroft from Silverchair, The Presets, and DMA’s acts as co-producer.

With such talent at the helm, we get a fascinating and cerebral alternative pop number. Along with a groovy bassline and a clean guitar riff in the verses, the song commences. We get an intriguing almost hypnotic indie pop rock vibe here by R. F. Coleman. The chorus itself has harmonized vocals and some pretty chordal voicings. Bridge at the song’s end has some chiming and starry production elements adding a theatrical vibe with some neat falsetto vocals. The song is accompanied by a tightly filmed music video with R. F. Coleman donning various avatars.

With an immaculate rhythmic groove and cascading tempo, this is a laid back pop song with funk elements especially with the synths. An exquisite blend of funk and a retro pop sound with modern indie, the pink and magenta shades of the artwork aptly represents the song. We can an organic composition with production utilized for highlighting the peaks in the flow of the song’s narrative. With I Couldn’t Trust, R. F. Coleman has a solid eclectic indie rock and pop debut.

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