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Hailing Ishimura – We Did It To Survive
Hailing Ishimura – We Did It To Survive

Hailing Ishimura – We Did It To Survive | Innovative Rock Saga

Virgina, United States based instrumental duo Hailing Ishimura has released an impressive new single We Did It To Survive. Hailing Ishimura consists of Dom Hopson on guitar, bass, synthesizer and Chris True on guitar and bass. The Newport News, Virginia based band has diverse influences ranging from The Beatles, Rush, Coheed & Cambria to metal lords like Lamb of God and August Burns Red. With their three single releases till now, the band is narrating a space adventure story through instrumental rock. The last two singles were Looking For Life and If You Get This Follow Our Beacon.

The song begins with cascading synths which are well balanced with the bass. The trebly digitized snare is a highlight of the rhythm section. Retro sounding lines with a modern production spin is what we get to hear. There is a delightful dark chord change in the intro riff. The tonal quality of the synthwork is fluid and aligns perfectly with the drums. This is followed by a beautiful airy flute synth riff over the existing arrangement. Fiery and heavy guitar riffs then replicate the synth melody to a glorious arrangement. his is the band’s heaviest song yet blending genres like post-rock, synthwave, and prog rock.

With We Did It To Survive, the narrative continues in a dark direction. The last single artwork featured an astronaut in his space vehicle and blood splatters and a shattered helmet visor. We Did It To Survive‘s artwork features blood marks and an empty astronaut suit. With that in mind, we can see that the narrative has taken a dark twist. We Did It To Survive by Ishimura is a turbulent episode in this innovative rock saga and we can’t wait to hear where this musical narrative takes us next!

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