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Jacob Humber-Afterlife
Jacob Humber-Afterlife
Jacob Humber-Afterlife

Jacob Humber-Afterlife | Digital playground

It would be rude to classify an artist based on a few songs the genre they belong to. Even though it’s a a habitual thing as a music lover, there are some who like to experiment with produced sound, and how it aids them. Jacob Humber is one of those few who use these techniques like a trapeze artist, swinging from one motion to the other. This is his latest single, Afterlife.

With a healthy number of streams for his live performance of End of The Street, Jacob has a great catalogue otherwise, and quite frankly-one hell of a collection of original music. Inspired by several indie artists who have left a massive footprint on the vinyl and cassette world, Jacob Humber is the 21st Century Man.

Using the digital effect library to his advantage, Afterlife takes a sharp left from his live performance of simplicity. The song comes through digital funnels to megaphones’ sound. This creates an annex of superior lyrics and a simple chord progression that plucks on the strings of your silver heart, so to speak listener. Avoid discussing the afterlife, when you barely live this one.

From phasing between the left and right shells, Jacob Humber uses techniques that are misused and operates them like George Martin spitting out the next Beatles super record. He knows the limitations as well, creating a strong enough melody that can carry its own. If he can play with the foundation of contemporary music like this, we’re excited to hear what else he has in store.

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