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Pennan Brae-Zulu
Pennan Brae-Zulu
Pennan Brae-Zulu

Pennan Brae-Zulu | To the good ol’ times

Why bother with the slow numbers that fuel your sorrow ? You’d rather just jet spray them away with some rock n roll and blues. I assume and know this because this isn’t the first time Pennan Brae are drilling a riff into your head with some infectiously catchy parts that will be your beating heart. Zulu does it again, in Met Gala explosive fashion.

If you want to test your memory, just try humming Zulu around 3 months down the line. The simple two shift riff is so simple and fun to listen to, it might be the last memory you have before you kick the bucket. This track takes good old rock and roll and combines with the blues bath that gives it this special tang. The lyrics might be incoherent in moments because of the whisper, but I hardly notice.

El Camino off their last album Lit in 2021 exploded like a hydrogen bomb on Spotify. The song had all the ingredients to be a massive success, and Pennan Brae proved themselves right. They released two more albums in 2021, Cinema and The Garden Series, Vol. 1-Planted. Yes, that is three albums in one year, so you know when they rock out, they really rock out. There isn’t enough of them yet, and we want more-owing it all to this hot single, Zulu. Listen to the quick paced and recedingly simple rhythm of this track here:

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