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“Casino”, by Dr. Holic: Melodic, trippy hip-hop with a side of flow to go

I have been on this roll with checking out new hip-hop music lately, especially new wave hip hop from the likes of the Travis Scotts, the Pop Smokes, and so-ons of the world. When “Casino” by Dr. Holic came on my speakers, I was left pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly the quality of this track blended in with the million-plus-dollar budgets of today’s hip-hop projects. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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The whole track focuses on an ominous-sounding instrumental layered with a hard-hitting mid-tempo straight four beat, topped off with a melody-heavy hook and verse delivery, all wrapped up in a tight, to-the-point mixing approach. The flow is engaging and does not fail to pleasantly surprise at multiple points during the track’s runtime; especially with the changes in flows and the melodic switch-ups that I thought were a rather nice touch.

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The production takes an almost exclusively electronic approach, with the adlibs sounding spacey and off to the sides, giving this song a perception of depth and width, making it an aural pleasure to listen to. There is plenty of space in the mix, with the right amount of power for all the elements, and it all makes for a tight, technically sound production that I quite enjoyed.

With “Casino”, Dr. Holic has a certified banger on his hands. Check out “Casino” here!

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