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A hip-hop showcase: “Holistic Remedies”, by Jerome Pawl

I am no stranger to hip-hop. Growing up with Andre 3000 and Rakim blasting in my ears, and then learning to appreciate the new wave of hip-hop, there is a lot of reinventing and evolution that the genre has gone through in the four or so decades that it has existed for. Part of the new wave of hip-hop is this trap-heavy style of production and delivery, of which “Holistic Remedies” by Jerome Pawl is a showcase. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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The 3-piece EP opens strongly with “4am Flows”, a dark, eerie track filled with atmosphere and slow-moving, hard-hitting percussion that really moves the listener from the first bar. The rhymes are tight, with complex rhyme schemes popping off all over the place, with the spacey adlibs yielding a quality to this track that gives it polish and finesse. The production is also to be appreciated here, with great variety in sampling and arrangement, making for a great listen.

Closely following up the foundation set by “4am Flows”, is the second track, “Bitch You Crazy”, a more flow-heavy track that concentrates on melodic elements while still maintaining tight triplet and sextuplet syllable flows in the bars, with some certified fire through the speakers in the verses. The heavy emphasis on spacey adlibs resumes here, with the instrumentation serving as another layer of definition in the mix.

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The EP is wrapped up rather nicely by “All The Way Up”, again, a dark and eerie production that plays heavily on sample processing and the nice 90s G-funk percussion scheme at play to yield the perfect foundation to the oddly Coast-style rhyming that is a treat to listen to.

Overall, “Holistic Remedies” is a potpourri of variety in hip-hop music, taking its listeners on a journey through various styles and various lanes, and deserves to be your earworm this week. Check out “Holistic Remedies” by Jerome Pawl here!

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