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Naómi – Mirror | Celebrates Self-Care

Naómi, a London-based singer-songwriter, has just released a new song called “Mirror“.  The song truly makes us think about how we look at ourselves. She wonderfully incorporates those basic principles in the narrative by drawing connections from her experiences. The music establishes a very close connection with the inner spirit. I admire how complexes, which are small insecure moments, are treated with such grace and brightness. 

This concept behind the writing will undoubtedly raise many spirits, resulting in the listeners feeling liberated and powerful. The song aims to inspire a large number of people by emphasising positive pictures and highlighting strengths. This would undoubtedly be of interest to listeners’ personal hubs.

The vocal delivery is also strong and has a positive vibe about it, which I believe elevates the meaning of the words greatly. Furthermore, the song’s production has a significant influence on the mood. The cheerful piano-like tone keeps the space upbeat and entertaining, which adds a lot of excitement for us to enjoy. The song runs well and smoothly transitions between verses and choruses. 

Another element that maintains the pulse strong throughout the song is the Hip Hop rhythm. I believe that the song’s tremendous intention will be the most important factor in its listeners’ ability to relate to it. This is the music to play loud and dance to in any given circumstances.

Additionally, read about Naómi’s experience writing and recording the song.

1. How did you come up with the song’s concept? Looking at the Mirror from this vantage point is very fascinating. What do you suppose the moment was that drew your attention to this idea?

I think it started from a point when I realized that I wasn’t really happy with where I was in my life (which I think a lot of people can relate to). I literally looked in the mirror and, as vain as it sounds, since for a long time I hadn’t had the money to update my wardrobe with me as I was growing up properly I just thought: this isn’t what I would look like, dress like, if I could chose right now – and probably if I was already on my path. 

How I look and dress, fashion, is identity to me and I knew if I was 100 Percent free to be myself right now and be where I wanted to be I would look and dress differently. It was the need for the outside to match your inside and who you actually are.

2. What has been the most incredible experience you’ve had while working on this track? Tell us about your experience recording the song in the studio.

My favourite thing about recording this song must have been the mic haha! One of the producers who worked on this song had such a cool, retro, warm sounding mic in his studio, he had modified a bit, which I wouldn’t have gotten around to try in other instances probably. He said he usually rarely used it but happened to be a really good fit for my voice. I definitely got the model name of that one.

3. Tell us a little bit about the song’s production and sound space. The song is bursting with excitement, which is sure to pique people’s interest.

In terms of the sounds space we took inspiration from some Latin American and Spanish sounds like the Cuban style piano and acoustic guitars well as some hip hop elements like the beats later on. It’s got a dancey feeling here and there but mainly still tells the story I think. And for the production it started out with a Skype session at first during lockdown where we got the main demo down and then later on, when it was possible, recorded the demo vocals in the studio together. For the final song & mix the another producer came on board, retracked a couple of the sounds and instruments and we redid the main vocals on the other cool mic, he did a great sounding mix – and that’s the song! It sounds simple when you tell it where as in reality there’s a lot of detail work that went into it as well haha.

4. Anything in particular you’d like to draw attention to in the song that fans may notice while listening to it?

The little guitar solo at the end – definitely one of my favourite parts.

5. What’s coming up? Anything else you’d want to say about the music you’re working on or the upcoming releases?

There’s an EP coming up this track belongs to! It’s scheduled for late spring 2022 and tells the full story of which this song is part of so if you want to get an idea of my full rambling and hear some more cool songs you should listen to that haha. I tend to sing a lot about finding yourself.

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