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Autism | Neverberator | Electronic | Experimental | Peculiar
Autism | Neverberator | Electronic | Experimental | Peculiar

Mystical Ceremonies Unveiled: Autism’s ‘Neverberator’ Explores Peculiar Psychedelic Realms

In the deep dark abyss of peculiar generative electronic music and synthesizers, lives the legendary artist – “Autism”. Just like how Bane from Batman embraces the darkness, Autism is the ‘Bane’ of electronic music. A villain that can change the shape of the genre itself. Disruption at its finest! His music has rich and profound soundscapes that are like quick sand – the minute you step into it – all you can do is get sucked in – or frantically fight it – until it eventually sucks you in. Electronic Music personified!

The album – “Neverberator” is an electronic music masterpiece that takes you to an exhibition of Autism’s finest sounds. It starts off with “Old Tape Monofreak”, a peculiar yet interesting track that sounds like a Euro-rack talking. A steady crescendo that has very weird sounds that are all kept together by the weirdest bassline I have come across. Slowly the percussions roll in – wait these percussions are distorted. This track just keeps getting into uncharted territories but shapes into a beautiful song that just immerses the listener. Amazing story-line.

It then moves on to “The first Drunk on Mars” and my oh my! I can picture a drunk fool stumbling across zero gravity on Mars. Rick and Morty style with puke on his chin and red sand all over his shoes and clothes- stumbling across Mars. Peculiar how vivid this imagery is. The next track ‘Science 77’ is so far my favorite. Not only because it has my favorite kind of sounds – fluidic and watery. Not only that, the bassline is just so bubbly it makes my brain want to dance. A psychedelic journey through the underwater worlds of ‘Kamino’ (Star Wars Reference), with Simon Posford from Shpongle personally playing music and singing for you! Welcome to the underwater Psychedelic University – where all your wildest dreams are a lesson for somebody else.

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“Upper Stream” starts off with a higher tempo, slightly more normal and less peculiar. A straightforward electro style beat with nice synth sounds that please the listener’s ear. A relaxing break in this album you might think, but Autism sure has other plans. The song slowly warps out and some vocal samples whisper into the mix – creating some kind of intergalactic sofa lounge. Relax and unwind with Aliens and some peculiar species in the Upper Stream. We move on to “Catching up with Electricity” – what a name! Now that’s a race I want to be a part of. The song starts off tribal – then slowly morphs into the kind of music that alien tribals would play at their tropical home planet. With some random words being spoken around you – you are now a part of an Alien Ayahuasca Ceremony – with alien gnomes and elves jumping around a fire pit – dressed in leaves.

Now that the ceremony has begun – you have no choice but to indulge and the first thing you experience is – “Dullgreen”. Paranoia, fear, and all negative emotions well up inside you and overflow – excreted as you puke it all out. Now you are in a blissful sea of tranquility just “Like a River inside an Ocean”. With distorted shamanic chants and sweeping noise synths – this track is an introspective journey where things are not what they seem like – peculiar. Fractals blurring you vision as you crawl out of your inner being – an abyss of emotions – breath like steel – this is the feeling you get when you listen to “Steel Breath”.

The album moves on – so must you – onward to “Flicker”. This is a whirlpool of a track that slowly gobbles you up. With surreal synth sounds that just make you feel like you’re in a dream. Just as your vision slowly returns, the bassline breaks through the barriers of reality and shows you another world. One with more positivity – after all you have puked out all the negativity by now. Very creative how ‘Autism’ has created so much music from chaos. Chaotic sounds that just come together to form absolutely lovely music that transports the listener into their own brain.

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‘Hidden Pix’ is a refreshing change – with a much higher tempo and some sensible drums – it sounds normal so far. A wake-up call – to reality. Come back to life and reiterate with your physical being. Finally, the album/ceremony ends with “Acute Angles”. Just as the name suggests, it has some really sharp elements – drums that pierce your very being and hi hats that just poke at your ear drum. The hi hats are extremely psychedelic- I’m not sure if it’s the time effect on them or their placement in the mix – its just hypnotic. Just when you think that’s it, Autism brings back the space jazz – alien lounge music.

A whole ceremony in an album. Autism is a master of the psychedelic sound and is one of the best storytellers that Ive come across. With peculiar electronic sounds, he has managed to create a rhythm from chaos. An album that I recommend everyone to listen to – a cleansing ceremony for the mind and your creativity. It will make you think laterally and make you see things differently. This album is an experience – one that you should not miss out on. It will give you the power to move on – to solve problems by just changing your perspective. A psychedelic experience with just sounds.

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