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K THX BYE – PCH | Nostalgia

If neon-lit hip bars playing synth-driven pop music are your thing, then K THX BYE’s music will surely remind you of that. K THX BYE is a trio consisting of vocalist Lyndsi Austin, producer Chris Qualls (aka Nxghtshade), and drummer Danny DeLeon. Their latest release, “PCH”, is an electronic-pop record that’s composed of catchy melodies, ethereal vocals and exciting synths.

A plucked synth arp and Lyndsi’s vocals lead off the track adding to a wide stereo space right from the start. Her vocals are really airy and the extra layers of voices are processed in a way to fill up a good part of the frequency spectrum. Some claps and snaps are present here setting the rhythm of the track before the pre-chorus. A long breakdown section, that doesn’t tense up too much, consists of electronic drums and a few synths. There’s a noticeable switch in the drums where it changes to a trap beat post a few bars – a nice change of pace, not leaving room for anything too monotonous.

Lyndsi sings about an experience with lust and love in this song, especially in the chorus section that’s filled with a lot of energy and has nostalgic lyrics. I need to talk about Chris Qualls’ amazing work with the vocal effects in this song because there is so much going on! He’s processed them so cleanly and it never seems overdone; fits the song’s aura well. Another interesting part in this track are the tom fillers by drummer Danny DeLeon – they seem to be revolving around in the stereo field, creating a three-dimensional effect and giving more room for the other elements in the mix.

I think K THX BYE is going to do really well in their coming records. Their released tracks have got some traction and they do deserve a wider audience for the kind of catchy, electro-pop music that they’re putting out. “PCH” is a track that sounds like something London Grammar would make with ILLENIUM, but that’s probably just me!

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