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artela - "paralysed in paradise"
artela - "paralysed in paradise"

Finding Liberation Through Music: Artela’s ‘Paralysed in Paradise’ Promotes Contemplation and Resilience

Hailing from Taiwan and now based in London, Artela is a remarkable artist who wears multiple hats as a singer, composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. In an unexpected turn of events, Artela found herself stranded in her hometown of Pingtung due to the pandemic after flying back for a family event in March 2020. This return to her roots stirred up deep emotions and painful memories, leading her to channel her experiences into music. Thus, the Artela project was born. Through her music, Artela bravely confronts past rejections and transforms them into a catalyst for positive change. Her powerful sound resonates with those who have felt like outsiders, inspiring them to celebrate their authentic selves.

“Paralysed in Paradise,” Artela’s latest single, surpasses conventional boundaries, immersing listeners in a surreal and electrifying musical experience.  With masterful synth work, the song evokes a dark and eerie atmosphere.  The echoing repetitive background vocals enhance the overall ambiance.

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As the track progresses, the musical arrangement intensifies. The lyrics explore the idea of freedom, promoting contemplation. Artela’s voice is a marvel, emitting depth and exhibiting amazing vocal variations that convey- sadness, determination, and resilience—all intertwined. The throbbing beats offer an amazing foundation beneath Artela’s voice, contributing to the song’s hypnotic appeal. Artela’s talent shines across the entire track, engaging listeners with her distinct approach and intriguing storytelling.

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Enjoy listening to “Paralysed in Paradise” by Artela here.

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