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Scarlet Mill - You’re Mine | Intricate
Scarlet Mill - You’re Mine | Intricate

Scarlet Mill – You’re Mine | Intricate

Scarlet Mill is a musical duo who together create a “vibrant mix of eclectic dreamwave, European Americana, and gritty chansons”. Their music is intricate and appealing to those who love unique and authentic soundscapes. Even though Scarlet Mill has the most exquisite genre and style of music, it will appeal to only those who have an ear for good music.

Scarlet Mill recently released a song called You’re Mine which is a deep and interesting number. If you are anyone who likes mellow and dark songs that have a lot to express and have a unique way of exploring various themes and motifs. You would want to listen to the track, again and again, to make sure you are grasping every of its fine treasure. 

The song begins with piano motifs that are ethereal in their own way and would invite you to the world that it offers further as it develops and matures. You would be surprised to see how there is a surprise element every step of the way. But nothing goes on to disappoint or surprise the listener to a level that it seems over the top. Every detail is intricate and everything happens for a meaningful reason that you would like better when you grasp the meaning of it. Even though there are many things that can seem odd at first listen, the song has a remarkable quality of growing on its listener like a fine exquisite wine, that’s too scrumptious to be ignored. 

Listen to this marvellous number by Scarlet Mill right here: 

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