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Camila Andrew - What do you want? | Sultry
Camila Andrew - What do you want? | Sultry

Camila Andrew – What do you want? | Sultry

Camila Andrew is an avid Colombian- American singer and songwriter who’s also a brilliant performer. Her music is infused with R&B, and indie-pop styles and always comes with a surprising element. Her latest track What do you want? Is a nice sultry and soft number that will set you in the right mood. 

The song begins with a nice tune that lures you in listening more carefully. What do you want has a nice rhythm to it, a beat that lingers throughout and makes you spellbound. With intense musicality, the track easily manages to win your attention. When you listen to the song carefully, you will notice there are so many things in the track that aren’t ordinary. The rich R&B effects, soft beats, nice rhythms, everything is executed in a unique way so as to make it what it is. Camila’s ingenuity as a songwriter is palpable as she writes the most intense yet refreshing lyrics. When it comes to vocals, Camila Andrew is nailing it absolutely. Her vocals are so perfect that you would want to listen to the song again, only for the sake of her vocals. With intense nuances in her vocals, the rich R&B effects, and accurate improvisations, end up shining brilliantly in this track. The song What do you want is a mix of many musical elements, both subtle and intense. It is a must listen!

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