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Bealby Point-Say It Anyway
Bealby Point-Say It Anyway
Bealby Point-Say It Anyway

Bealby Point-Say It Anyway | A happy swing and hook

Bealby Point can be defined as that turning radius when your day goes from a bummer to great. This is not a verified definition on Wikipedia just yet, but how hard could it be? With fun, swinging tracks that aim to bring back the best in music, Bealby Point are on a hectic hellride, yet take time out to connect with you. This is their new single, Say It Anyway.

After the massive success of I’m So Bummed Out Right Now, we waited for what else Bealby Point could give us. This is a group that can sound like The Killers, The Strokes, and even Simple Plan at times. There were 4 releases in 2021, chugging slowly towards a cracking good album. It would have the delicious crispness of the blues, the spice and zing of alt-rock and maybe even a pinch of pop if they see fit. Say It Anyway is that final plating on MasterChef.

With a song that has such a hook, it’s difficult to not be successful. Equal parts happy and nostalgic, this tracks lead riff sits on a swing just next to Jack Armstrong on lead vocals. What you see is a side view of this swing, a momentum that’s so appealing you want to hear it again and again. The closing seconds of the song have an impressive slide away to a solo, that tease the rhythm yet does its own business. And business is good.

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