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Sam Himself – Never Let Me Go
Sam Himself – Never Let Me Go

Sam Himself – Never Let Me Go | Schining Pantheon

New York baritone vocalist Sam Himself comes with his latest second album Never Let Me Go. Known as the Swizz King of Tears, he has joined hands with producer Daniel Schlett and mastering engineer Greg Calbi. They have worked with the likes of Iggy Pop, Bruce Springsteen, and David Bowie. A tour for promoting the album will commence this month in the EU with stops at cities like Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, Vienna in Austria, and Zurich in his native Switzerland.

The first song Strangelove really makes a mark. There is a main lick that is prominent in the arrangement, which is buried in the denXxxxse cloudy foggy soundscaping arrangement. The production itself, I must say, is spectacular and beautiful. What drives the song forward is the well-made drum and percussion production. The second track Baby’s Eyes is an uptempo and energetic rock song reminiscent of a lot of joyous British indie alt-rock. Reminds one of The Cure and The Smiths. Golden Days is an alternative rock ballad that might conjure up strong emotions. The guitars make their presence felt while the tastefully played drums uplift you. Starting with shining production elements and some strummed guitars, Never Let Me Go is the fourth song on the album. A song that builds up and works towards a satisfying ending. My Great Escape is another stunning ballad in the same vein. Overall, the album has songs across moods and feels.

This modern alternative rock, pop, and post-punk with modern production techniques creates a unique and fresh sound. The lead singer’s powerful vocals combined with the riffs, synth beats, and catchy basslines make for a highly energetic listening experience. The lyrics explore wide themes showcasing maturity and depth. This album has its a genre-blending sound and upbeat energy, making it a standout album in today’s music scene. Whether you’re a fan of alternative, pop, or post-punk rock, this record has something for everyone.

Sam possesses a voice pregnant with emotion, nostalgia, and a fine touch. However, possibly including a wider vocal sonic range might have taken the record in a certain different direction. The production and compositions themselves are incredibly well composed and produced. These songs are soo good! The overall feel of the album reminds me of Interpol and modern post-punk music. The magic of the album is in the songwriting and production which elevates the core. The album perfectly combines organic drums and guitars with the overall elaborate production and soundscaping.

With its driving basslines, intricate production and riffs, and brooding vocals, the sound of Sam Himself is characterized by all kinds of genres. The musical arrangements and production style emphasize precision and atmosphere, with a focus on layering sounds to create a rich, immersive musical experience. Never Let Me Go by Sam Himself is an album with atmospheric intensity and thought-provoking production.

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