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Abby Litten-404
Abby Litten-404
Abby Litten-404

Abby Litten-404 | Let the wheels guide you

There are many artists Abby Litten is inspired by. Consequently, I think she inspires many artists as well. With her tantalising, surreal voice that is the personification of a crystal, Abby Litten releases her first single, 404. Let’s dive into the simple Americana-style track.

With lyrics that are poetic and simple and a voice that commands the attention of the elements, Abby Litten has done quite a lot by not doing too much on her debut release. 404 is an Americana classic, a road trip song inside out. It has simple guitar chiming in with Abby’s voice that it complements, the jangle of acoustic and a steady beat. You shouldn’t, and mustn’t ask for more in a track that aims to take you on a rich journey through this scenic route.

Abby Litten uses her similes and metaphors to paint a picture from the realist era of art. Drawing inspiration from the country and land she loves, her first single radiates simple. richly brewed energy that you would want to hear day in and day out. We can’t wait for this artist to release more songs, and see which route she takes us on next.

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