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9 o'clock Nasty-Too Cool
9 o'clock Nasty-Too Cool
9 o'clock Nasty-Too Cool

9 o’clock Nasty-Too Cool | Entrance Song

There will be a breed of super babies that have the DNA strains of 9 o’clock Nasty’s songs. I said the songs boys, I was careful with my words. Genres are just another word they choose to ignore now. They are like a disc vault in space with their music, you could get anything. You’d need a licence to kill for their latest single. You have to have deemed to be Too Cool.

9 o’clock Nasty know their average listener is no super spy. Yet, they hope your drive time commute song could be a way lot cooler. Or if you’re a party guy, you have a strong opener. Too Cool uses a cool, unique riff to kick open the plastic doors and the velvet ropes that block your way to suave city. The snare strafe that opens the song is a caffeine kick in itself, then comes the coolest groove that side of the world. 

He’s the pound shop Buddha from the nicer side

Feeling superficial with the looks to slide

Straight into your Stories and your high hit Reels

He’s making likes and comments that make you feel

Too Cool for School. Hey

Tell me one other band on Earth that will give you imagery like that. Don’t even bother searching. It is an electrifying, riff based rock song that scratches that itch and itches that scratch. 9 o’clock Nasty had songs to hold, keep, and close the party. Now they have one to start it off. 

So go ahead, keep trying to classify them as this and that. They’re Schrodinger’s Band, I tell you. You don’t have one right answer, one safe genre for them. Remember to open your dainty frosted windows when you play this song loud. You’re bound to get feedback. 

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