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Curtis Culley-Emotional Souvenir
Curtis Culley-Emotional Souvenir
Curtis Culley-Emotional Souvenir

Curtis Culley-Emotional Souvenir | Hole in your paper heart

Curtis Culley has an addictive strain of chord patterns. He doesn’t like to register them like Ed Sheeran, but the melancholy translates through a few. With emotional ballads and soulful laments, Chris Culley has been making the best music he can, and his latest single has just released. It’s called Emotional Souvenir, and it’s worth several listens.

You might have heard his popular track Isolated. Debuting with a powerful single in 2019, he’s been hard at work for two years. Emotional Souvenir has guitar tones from Band of Horses, and the melancholy repose that we all have experienced in this time. The artwork for the single is an interesting collage as well, elements that have surrounded us through this difficult time.

The dissonance between the lyrics and instruments are minimised by Curtis’ intuition. The chord changes seem to melt into each other, creating a rich and overlayed pattern of profound sound. Emotional Souvenir is one of Curtis’ best tracks after Isolated, in terms of tone and temperament.

Adding together elements of pop, hip-hop and indie production, Curtis knows how to strike a chord, in more ways than one. His track is short, yet makes quite a splash. Strip It Back and It’s L!t have also been quite popular with his listeners, able to navigate through complex emotions with his relative ease in fabricating meaningful lyrics. Be sure to follow Curtis for an impressive album that is sure to come sooner than later.

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