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A hip-hop extravaganza: Lorde Looted on “The Final Saga”

Lorde Looted, a talented rapper originally hailing from Brooklyn but now based in Atlanta, has just dropped his highly anticipated third mixtape titled “The Final Saga.” This project is now available on all major music platforms for everyone to enjoy. When it comes to shaping his unique sound and lyrical style, Lorde Looted draws inspiration from a variety of impactful figures in the rap scene who happen to be his cousins. Cassidy, Lil Wayne, and Papoose have all played significant roles in influencing his music, offering him a wealth of situations, experiences, aspirations, and intimate knowledge that have helped shape his artistic journey. Keep reading for my thoughts on this mixtape!

“Go Stupid,” a high-energy single that immediately grabs your attention with its aggressive beat and tight rhymes, kicks off the mixtape. Lorde Looted shows off his lyrical prowess straight away, executing rapid-fire verses over a strong production. This track serves as a powerful opening statement, setting the tone for the rest of the mixtape, smoothly segueing into “Catch Me If You Can,” a riveting track that combines dark, R&B-esque beats with Lorde Looted’s heavily sung style. With hints of The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein, this song pushes the boundaries of rap and has a captivating sound that I enjoyed.

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“Criticise Me” illustrates Lorde Looted’s tell of drill and backbeat styles. The aggressive production, combined with the sparse rhyming in the intro, creates an intense listening experience. Lorde Looted’s superb adlibs elevate the track even further, enhancing the overall impact of the song. Changing gears, “Fade Away” is an intriguing departure from the previous tracks. Lorde Looted delivers a danceable melody and tempo while drawing inspiration from phonk and underground darkwave music.

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The production shines throughout “The Final Saga,” with its intricate layering, attention to detail, and melodic richness. With its beautifully crafted production and flawless vocals, “On My Soul” exemplifies this. The bridge section of the track adds a delightful touch, while “Falling 4 Your Love” offers a soothing late-night deep house sound, providing a contrast to the earlier tracks.

“The Final Saga” is a must-listen for rap fans looking for an immersive and engaging musical experience, thanks to its diverse range of tracks. Lorde Looted’s ability to create infectious beats and deliver captivating rhymes ensures that this mixtape will leave an impression on both old and new fans. Check out the album here!

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