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Jesse Brady – Conflicted | Doodling Emotions

Jesse Brady, a singer-songwriter, just released a new song called ‘Conflicted,’ which touches on such raw nerves that it makes us wander into this realm of intricately woven complicated ideas. The writing is fantastic, drawing inspiration from real-life situations, and the expectations are so well-thought-out in the material that pertains to relationships. Inner turmoil is extremely descriptive and contributes significantly to the song’s mood, which will resonate deeply with listeners. The ideas are incredibly genuine and accessible, which will automatically entice listeners to immediately engage with them. The singers’ intensity is also maintained at a high level. The performance is excellent every time, and it’s presented with total enthusiasm and understanding.

The music is kept energetic and excitingly fresh in terms of arrangements. The tones of each element, whether rhythmic or melodic, play an important role in establishing the appropriate atmosphere for the song. The sections are clearly separated from one another, forming a solid framework for the song. The chorus is really well enhanced, and the arrangement takes a softer approach during the bridge, which truly piques the listener’s interest as it rises towards the closing chorus. The turbulence in the inner feelings inherent in the writing is simplified and made more appealing to listeners, who would truly interact with the atmosphere of the song’s beats and tones and eventually get more attached with the lyrical material.

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