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Mia Lovelock-Winter Comes
Mia Lovelock-Winter Comes
Mia Lovelock-Winter Comes

Mia Lovelock-Winter Comes | A glance at glamor

Mia Lovelock is a musician, artist and fashion designer as well. This is probably why her music has as much pizzaz as it does. An allure only a designer would understand. Her singles not only combine electronica and pop, but dwindle on the edge of rock and folk as well. She has found a perfect balance of all of these in her latest single, Winter Comes.

Similar to a catwalk or fashion display, Mia Lovelock creates a glamorous buildup. Using minimised bass to enhance her voice and the melody-she has stepped away from the mainstream idea of bass hiding the song’s flaws. A rhythmic balance is created as she slowly showcases her song, one note at a time and a line to stand in awe of. The beat also shares a tempo regularly seen in fashion shows, so curating art to your music might be a proud moment for her.

Mia Lovelock has created some great singles in the past 2 years, including Last Night and Endure-some of the better, crafted tracks I’ve heard recently. Her single might bring more surprises to you this year, so be prepared for more from this talented artist.

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