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Brandon Atlas – ODE TO ATLAS | Extravaganza

ODE TO ATLAS,” Brandon Atlas‘s newest album, is unquestionably a dancing spectacular. Throughout the album, there is a steady level of excitement and involvement. In terms of production, the songs are likewise rich and layered. The electronic music arrangements and, most significantly, the synth tone are just flawless. Every synthetic tone is created with such beauty that it already raises the track’s overall vigour. Brandon Atlas’s outstanding vocal performance adds to the intensity of each tune above and beyond these magnificent layers. The songs’ hooks are so exact and on point that they reverberate long after the tune has stopped.

Meow Meow Meow! (Intro)” opens the Album with a dramatically thumbing beat. The verses punch you straight in the gut. The intriguing snappy percussive sound that develops as the track progresses is fascinating. It’s a strong opening that, in some ways, integrates the aesthetics of the album we’re expecting to encounter. “Sex Gamble Dance,” the second tune, picks off just where the opening music left off. The powerful saw synths and strong tight bass make you go insane. The Drop is indeed solid. The Piano chords, which establish a gorgeous palette in the verse and also comfort you midway, one element that adds to the melodic depth. The perfect transition is created by powerful stutter transitions and risers. You may also hear an intriguing Tabla in the backdrop in the groove pattern. Experiencing such a high degree of creativity in the production is both intriguing and enjoyable.

With the third track, “Ready For The Fight,” the groove becomes even more sophisticated and addictive. The chorus is very impactful. The robust bass plucky beginning with synth chords simply serves to set the tone for the rest of the show. Filters and pitch modulation are used in such subtle ways in the production that the music becomes incredibly dynamic. As a result, the music features some thrilling crescendos for listeners to enjoy. The track’s Tape Stop finish is wicked! 

From the first bar, “Couture – Mt. Olympus Remix” is on spot. The rhythmic plucks provide a fun element to the tune. The quality of the production is outstanding. The synth rhythms entice you into grooving along with them. The deep voice simply adds enough to the ambiance to put you in a psychedelic frame of mind. On the pattern, the counterpoint melody on a gliding synth tone is wild. Ryan Satyr’s verse comes in right on cue to keep the vibe going, and as the song advances until the closing seconds, the groove strengthens in you. Surprisingly, “Life Of A Superstar” begins with a ballad arpeggiated piano opening, followed by a punky breakdown. The songwriting intensifies more further. The slap bass emphasises the perfect gaps in the groove, giving the tune a lively touch. The synth chords and arpeggiated synth layer in the back strongly complement the vocals, giving it a tinge of a classic disco tune. The beat breaks into half time to break up the monotony, which I thought was a brilliant idea. The energy is steady and fun.

The album concludes with “Needing Me” and “Needing Me – Slowed + Reverb.” “Needing Me” begins with a bell-like synth tone before transitioning into Brandon Atlas’ beautiful vocals. The lush pads immediately brighten one’s spirits. This is the ideal track to bring the album to a close with some much-needed quiet after the spectacle. In “Needing Me – Slowed + Reverb,” the music is redone with more soul and peacefulness. It’s amusing to see the pitch drop as the track got stretched. It’s fascinating to see the mood shift as the speed changes and the pitch drops. In a nutshell, the record is really well-made. The intensity remained constant throughout, and the upbeat dance music were sure to attract many people’s attention. The music would undoubtedly strike a chord with listeners and cause them to move their legs. For me, the album was a fest with a lot of excitement.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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