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“Paradise” by hyyypnos: Dreamy, ethereral soundscapes in hip-hop

hyyypnos, deriving their name from the Greek mythological personifier of sleep, embodies a relaxed, laid-back sound that would most definitely make you feel like you’re ready to end your day feeling like you’re ready to. On their latest release, “Paradise”, they take on a sound that comes off as serene and very, very catchy. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The album starts out with “Sunkisses”, a gentle, moving hip-hop number filled with old world charm, originating from the phased Rhodes piano that makes for accompaniment, in tandem with the strummed guitar line that is ever so slightly present. As the vocals kick in, you’re transported to an ethereal dimension where you’re concentrating on the melodies unfolding in front of you, and it’s quite a therapeutic sound; there is a slow, sensual sound to the track that makes it quite an enjoyable listen.

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The second track, “Tattoo”, continues on the lines of aiming to soothe, with a beautiful lo-fi-esque production in the intro, but with some potent low-end that makes the song filled with drive. The main melody, with its stuttered style and production, makes the perfect foundation for you to sit down, and pay attention to the rapping, which follows a half-sung, half-rapped style. There is a beautiful play with dynamics and energy in this track, flowing between high and low energy parts effortlessly, and as the track wafts over you, you’re all ready to take in the third song, “In Luv”.

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Dreamy, ethereal soundscapes, at this point, form a central focus of “Paradise”. “In Luv” takes this, and gives it a bit of a higher-energy execution, with gated chords and a catchy hook that has your attention from the first bar, all the way to the end. There is a lot going on here– with the numerous vocal layers that all blend into each other rather effortlessly, with the reverbs and delays forming a beautiful storytelling landscape that I quite enjoyed.

Some other special mentions from “Paradise” include “TBH”, “Fumble”, and the title track, “Paradise”, each bringing their own sounds to the table that build solidly on the foundation of the dreamy, beautiful sound that hyyypnos crafts carefully over the course of the album. Overall, “Paradise” by hyypnos forms a solid package of tracks that you can enjoy regardless of where you are or what you are up to– and have a fun time at it. Check out the album here:

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