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Dylan Tauber - I Am Alive
Dylan Tauber - I Am Alive

Dylan Tauber – I Am Alive

Dylan Tauber is an EDM artist and singer-songwriter with an astounding sense of music theory and design. With a musical career spanning for over 25 years, he has honed his sound to suit his expanding perspectives and scrumptious creativity. And the culmination can be witnessed in his new album, I Am Alive where Dylan Tauber celebrates the essence of life in twelve parts. 

The album opens with Love and You Will Live. Its electric dance beat motifs form a perfect power base for the launching synths. Paired with passionate baritones that seamlessly scale to falsettos, the track infuses a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the simple wisdom of love. Spirit Guides follows with a synth intensive soundscape. Its pensive pallets are built with ethereal swishes that are accentuated by sultry vocals. 

The title track opens with mystical femme calls that are as beguiling as a siren’s. Slicing through the disembodied vocals is a pulsing bassline and tapping beats. There is a very distinct aqua appeal, bursting with soothing aquamarine showcases. Reflection carries the fundamental sound design of its predecessor and transforms it with a tortured melancholy. Together, the tracks are emotional antonyms with identical origins but disparate destinies. 

Dreaming is an electro-classical orchestra. It is mastered with a dramatic hand. Composed with just one sonic motif, the artist uses basslines and background vocals to create an illusion of movement and elevation. Whales brings in an intense dark wave into the album. With focused beats and dark miasmas of synths, the gloomy vocals echo with the despondent subtext of the track. 

She’s a Dancer is a dance song. It has the beats and energy for it. Oozing basslines edges the free fall vocals. And together they make for an immersive dance experience. The next two tracks, Rebirth and Warm, have a climactic atmosphere to them. The melodic orchestral hum is profound – denoting a transforming realization, a liberating epiphany, or an emotionally charged victory/glory. 

Carmen is a window to a shimmering ethereum. The rippling waves of wondrous mystery stream through relentlessly. Slow beats and singular points of melody bring in a sense of rhythm/time while the distant vocal echoes contort our sense of reality. 

I Love You Forever completes the loop, its luminous pallet and theme tying to the first track. Made up of dance beats, soul vocals and cascading synths, the soundscape is designed to re-activate movement. The album ends with the Spirits Guide (Remix). This version is led by beats as opposed to the luminous synths in the original track. And with slight vocal distortion and charged basslines, the song space has an eclectic mold. 

The album is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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