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One Flew Over - Maybe in Another Lifetime
One Flew Over - Maybe in Another Lifetime

“One Flew Over” Delivers a Heartfelt R&B/Soul Track with “Maybe In Another Lifetime”

One Flew Over is a two-piece R&B and soul outfit composed of singer-songwriter, Irene Ni Chuinn and multi-instrumentalist and producer, Martin Quinn. Formed in 2019, these two artists strive to create mellow sonic atmospheres that drip with real emotion and sentiment. Stylized with expressive neo-classical melodies, storytelling, and mushrooming vocals, their songs stay close to the heart. In their latest single, Maybe In Another Lifetime, One Flew Over set a melancholic scene as they graciously explore themes like heartbreak and lost love. Listeners of Adele, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, and SIA will especially enjoy this track. 

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The track opens with ruminative piano acoustics, its pausing seriousness fleshed out by Irene’s vocals. Soft drizzling strings lighten the sound, as its glinting textures are absorbed by the undulating soprano. Warm cello lines sweep through; its subtle tangents reinforce the air of resigned hope and harmony of the song. Smooth and seamless, the track presents like a quivering heart, vulnerable and broken. The duo debuted in 2022, with the single, Liar Liar and has since released two tracks in 2023. 

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The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Maybe In Another Lifetime by One Flew Over here – 

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